Can I finish the rest of the forms by mail

Hi .My question is someone have served my wife the prove of service of summons in person . after that do I have to file Fl 117 next to finish FL 150, , 141 and, 142 , 140 by mail ?

If your wife was personally served, FL-117 is inapplicable to your situation. You will need to complete and serve your financial disclosures, which can be done via mail and without FL-117.

hi Cristin . thank you for your respond . and if he did not ? . I have to do it and send it to her in order to do the rest by mail ?

or can I just send the FL 117 by it self saying that the sender have already mailed the Fl 140 , and 142, 150 ? . to her and 1 to the court ?

If your wife was personally served with FL-100 and FL-110, FL-117 does NOT apply to you.

Hi Cristin …sorry . So your saying I can do the rest by mail ? the 150 , 140 , 142, 141 by mail . with out the FL-117 . That was my question sorry for the inconvenience . because he served her the 100 , 110 , and 115 the proof of service of summons.

Thank you so much I hope I am not asking too much


thank you so much dear . God bless you . Your the best

Hi Cristin . I just completed the forms 150, 140, 141, 142 . and my wife she Ben served February the 110, ,100 ,115 . and proof service of summons. And it’s more than 30 days and no respond from her . so to finalize my divorce , from this point can I proceed with the forms 165, 170, 190, 180 . and I believe the last one is 182 ? .

FL-182 is not a required form for submission; however, it is a very useful tool to ensure you’ve completed the correct forms to finalize your divorce. The forms you have listed are all required; however, you may need additional forms depending on your specific situation.

Thank you Cristin

Hi Cristin . I am trying to fill up the form FL 190 and my question what date should I put ? the date I’m going to file it or I have to count six months after she got served then I put this date ?

Leave it blank. The clerk will fill it in.

Even if it’s been two months ?


Thank you Cristin

Hi Cristin. I am trying to fill up The FL 180 . do you have a link explain how to do that .


Hi Brando,

I’m sorry, but we don’t have that. Form FL-180 very much depends on your particular set of circumstances and your ultimate desired outcome.

Thank you Cristin

Hi Cristin . my question is my wife just signed the Fl180 judgment and notary signed and verified under default with agreement , dose she have to sign additional form before I submitted to the clerk ? . Because she is leaving town . I just wanna make sure