What are the initial forms i need to file

Do i file the Fl-100,Fl-110, Fl-105/GC-120 first

We have kids and this is also of an uncontested divorce

After i file those forms what do i do next

Hi Veronica,

Check out our video series on the initial divorce documents:


If you are ready to file a divorce, you have to go through legally with the help of concerning lawyer.
Here are some steps I would like to tell you about filing the divorce:-

  1. Ready to File the Divorce
  • Check for the place where you want to file the divorce, The place whether any country, state or city where you resides more than a six month you can file a divorce.
  • Try to collect the outcomes you want from the divorce such as child support, child custody, any property related to you or any assets.
  • Start Collecting the information on Real estate, bank accounts, and valuable personal property, Mortgages, loans, and credit card balances and organize the proper documentation on both your assets and your debts.
  • Take Consultation from Good Lawyer.
  1. Now Filing Divorce Papers Comes here
  • Fill out the correct court form, you can check for country court home check their online portals and select the correct form for you. fill the form correctly.
  • After that take the form to the lawyer to review it, after that submit it to the court.
  • Have your spouse served with the divorce papers? check for it.
  1. Filing Financial Disclosure Forms.
  • You hand your partner need to discuss the financial issue and have to submit the report to the court.
  • Your partner must have served this.