Unrealized gains on Roth & Traditional IRAs ~ Separate or Community Property

My questions concern separate and community property. I have 2 scenarios.

  1. Pre-marriage, I invested $10,000 in an IRA. The investment was always kept separate. It was converted into a Roth IRA during marriage, and I don’t remember how the conversion was paid for. Nothing has ever been taken out. Would the entire amount (appreciation & principal) be considered separate property?
  2. During marriage, I inherited an IRA.  It is now a beneficiary IRA.  The funds have been kept separate and no amount ever taken out.  Would the appreciation of this beneficiary IRA, which occurred during marriage, be considered separate or community property?

I’ve searched the internet for answers, but find nothing that addresses the appreciation or interest related to the funds. My hope is it follows the asset!
Thank you so very much for your help.

  1. While the pre-marital IRA is largely separate property, any contributions that occurred during marriage would be community property. Additionally, if community property money (any money earned during marriage) paid for the conversion of the IRA, the community would, at a minimum, be owed reimbursement for the payment.

  2. Inheritances are separate property, including any profits, appreciation, etc.

Thank you Cristin! You (and all those who respond) must be amazing people to be so generous with your knowledge! I sincerely appreciate it!