Should I use FL-115 or FL-117

My question is in regards to FL-115 vs FL-117. My wife and I have agreed upon the terms of our divorce. Is the best course of action for me to hand deliver FL-115 to her? Or does somebody else need to hand deliver the document? Instead should I mail her FL-117 and ask her to mail FL-117 back to me? I’m not confident in my wife mailing it back to me in 20 days. Can I hand deliver FL-117 to her?

Hi Jeffrey,

You are NOT permitted to serve anything on your wife - someone over the age of 18 who is not you must do so. That includes personal service as well as service by mail.

In general, FL-117 is not very helpful when someone is not responsible enough to mail it back. You can certainly give it a shot, but you should also be prepared to personally serve her if she fails to return it.

Form FL-115 is required, regardless of whether you personally serve her or serve her via FL-117.

The person serving can be anybody over 18 right? It does not need to be an official of some sort? E.g. I could go with my brother and have him serve her?

Correct. Anyone other than a party to the case who is an adult can serve the paperwork.