Separated for more than 12 yrs. Do I have for file FL 140 or FL160

I have filed the initial forms FL100 and FL110 on March 2018 and FL115 on October 2020 only. As I check online, the courthouse receive the FL115, it has been 31 days and my ex husband did not respond. We’ve been separated for more than 12 years now, no kids and no properties together. I’m just wondering If I still have to do the FL140, FL150, FL142 and FL160 since we don’t have debts and properties together. Plus we don’t communicate anymore. Thank you.

Yes, although you do not have to do BOTH FL-160 and FL-142. You need to do FL-140, FL-141, FL-150, and EITHER FL-160 OR FL-142.

Thank you for responding. What form should I attached to FL141? And what other forms need to be filed to the court?