Separate Property / Spousal Support

Thank you so much for your videos! They were great help filling out the forms I have needed so far. In regards to the Separate Property, we have a premarital agreement. Should I include that as an Attachment 9b or list it as an item for both my spouse and I?

Also, in the agreement, we both waived the right to spousal support. On question 8 should I fill out b. Terminate and select both petitioner and respondent?


Hi Jeff,

I wouldn’t personally attach the premarital agreement as Attachment 9b; however, I would include it as an attachment under 11c and state something to the effect of: “Petitioner (or Respondent, depending on which party you are) requests that the Court uphold the premarital agreement executed by the parties, attached hereto.” Under section 9, I would also reference that the separate assets are listed pursuant to the parties’ premarital agreement.

Regarding spousal support, yes, that is how I would answer question 8.

I’m so glad the videos were helpful for you - good luck with the rest of the process!