Response is Mediation manditory

Ok I served my original FL-100 and all other paperwork, my ex disagrees with my original request about our lease but before the 30 days is up for her to respond we have come to an agreement different than stated in the original FL-100. She keeps trying to push me to mediation as they “will do all the paperwork “ at a charge of course $300/hr which she refuses to discuss,but I keep telling her we do not need to pay a mediator as we have an agreement and it’s pretty much up to me to do the paperwork anyway. She says if we do not go to mediation it forces trial which I will have to pay for. Am I wrong but as long as we have reached an agreement we put that on the final paperwork the FL-180 and then there is no need to appear in court. Advise me if I am wrong please. Otherwise should I amend the FL-100 with the new agreement, the 30 day waiting period for her to respond is in 2 weeks and she says she doesn’t have to pay anything to respond either which confuses me.

Mediation is not mandatory. You’ve previously posted very similar questions, so I encourage you to review the previously provided responses.

Hi not sure how to post on it’s own thread, but I just got served today with divorce papers, the front page says notice to appear, and it then says type of hearing: Self Represented Family Resolution Conference, what does this mean? What is that hearing for? All of this is confusing to me, does it mean divorce will be finalized on that hearing date or is there more steps after that date? Thank you