QDRO - Best to open during or after divorce

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It looks like he wants to go for a trial for the permanent spousal support number while we come up with a mutual document for the property settlement. My question is: Can I ask him to start the QDRO process or is it wise to wait until the permanent SS issue is resolved and divorce is final and then start the QDRO process.

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Yes, you can absolutely start the QDRO process! It might help with determining spousal support, as then you would know how much retirement you would receive.

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Hi, I am hoping this is a good place to ask about QDRO. My divorce was finalized in December 2020. With the your self help provided forms and videos, I was able to do my part on my own; however, I recently became aware of a block on my 401k and pension plan that was put on my account. I am assuming it had to do with a QDRO request that was submitted and insisted by my spouse’s lawyer. I never understood if I needed to do anything from my end. My question is, is there a way to have that cancelled/vacated/removed? My now ex is willing to sign or help in anyway to get rid of it. We have a mutual agreement to divide our assets equally in due time or when we retire? Your input or any guidance is appreciated? Sorry, I’m new to forums and wasn’t sure where to ask my question…

My Ex-Wife claims she filed for dissolution of marriage in 1999 and court documents show that in 2000 the divorce was not completed, She also re-married in 2012 and divorced in 2013 & that divorce shows a final judgment of divorce. I recently contacted her and she swears the divorce was complete ,but both the courthouse where she originally filed and the County archives say we are still married. Where and who has the correct answer ?? what form am I looking for end of marriage ?/