Preparing paperwork

Getting ready to prepare the paperwork and have been married a very short time less than 3 months so she hasn’t even changed her name yet so do we prepare it with it in her current legal name or do I still have to prepare it as though she had changed it to mine? Thanks in advance

You can prepare the paperwork with her current legal name, but you also might want to “restore” it in the divorce judgment. Additionally, given the length of your marriage, you might want to look at whether or not you qualify for a Summary Dissolution.

Good luck!

Would still qualify for summary dissolution if we have a lease together that we have to deal with she wants to keep the place obviously I don’t want to pay half the rent for a year she says she’s going to get a roommate

The lease in and of itself does not disqualify you from a summary dissolution, but whether or not you qualify depends on you meeting all of the requirements.

Filed Petition with 1/1/18 as date of separation. We have prepared stipulated judgment, however husband wants 9/1/18 as date of separation. Can we just stipulate to this in the FL-180 Judgment form under “Other”?

Thank you!

If you agree to the date of separation being 9/1/18, yes, you can put that under “Other,” or you can incorporate that agreement into the other parts of your Judgment attachment.