Petitioner preliminary disclosure not received, what next?

I have not received the preliminary disclosure from my (x2b) spouse’s (attorney) - Petition/Summons filed May 17th and I was served May 22nd. I responded before June 21st (30 day) deadline. She indicated that she had given the disclosures to her attorney on July 17th. Today I asked here where it was, I was told that she did not know and that her attorney may be reviewing it…Is this acceptable. I thought these deadlines are required and I would assume that her attorney would know this - what should I do next?


Hi Tom,

I would suggest that you complete your own disclosures and do everything in your power to move the divorce forward. After you’ve done so, if she still hasn’t filed hers, you can “demand” the disclosures under Family Code Section 2107 from her and her attorney.

While a delay in doing financial disclosures isn’t entirely acceptable, it happens more often that not, and the punishment is an overall delay in the divorce process.