Paperwork returned

My ex has not responded and wants no part of the divorce process and did not agree with the original petition and though we have made an agreement about our lease it is different than the original paperwork but that is what I’m putting so it doesn’t get kicked back for that.
Luckily the clerk wrote a list of my errors one was I didn’t check the box next to property division (I get that now)or any of the choices under it this is where my question lies. We have no community property or debt I have my own property and debt that I listed on FL-142 she didn’t complete any paperwork. Should I use FL 345 instead of the long Addendum to Judgement form?
Thank you

In general, the forms are much easier to use and work with for easier/simpler orders. While I don’t know the specifics of your proposed judgment, if the terms “fit” on FL-345, I think you would find that the easiest thing to do.