New Single Mom with questions

My husband has unexpectedly moved out of the house (in Feb) and filed for divorce 2 weeks ago. The kids and I did not see this coming. We are now in mediation and I’m beginning to think mediation may not be effective. The mediator seems to have a bent towards the needs of my husband. My husband was in a severe car accident in 2015 and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. He has taken all of our money out of our shared account. Currently he is paying the mortgage and the fixed bills. And gives me $400-600 every two weeks for gas and groceries. We are filling out the FL-150 and FL-142 for our upcoming appointment. Are these forms used to figure out spousal and child support or are there other forms I need to fill out to start collecting child support? Is there any advice you would be able to offer this new single mom? Thank you so very much! - Christy