Lost without hope

I have filed for divorce, my husband wants legal separation. He doesn’t want to leave the house even though he earns more than me. I earn less and cant afford the rents. Me and my kids are suffocated in the same house with him. Me and him don’t talk, its worse than room mates. He is not entertaining any proposals and may be thinking i will just pack my bags and leave without claiming anything. Since he was the main bread earner of the house, he feels I don’t deserve anything. I work full time but still cant make the cut for the high rentals we have in our area. What do I do ? How does the process for divorce work for us with none of us coming to an agreement. He doesnt want to sell the house of give me alimony. Is showing on his financial disclosures that we are hand to mouth and expenses are so much that he cant afford a divorce. Its a horrible situation to be in with kids. Please provide any tips, advice. Any insight or guidance would be great.