Legal Reprensentation

How do I go about finding an attorney that will go into court with a Request for Order to have my husband pay the fees? He has hired one and his income is a lot and I am unemployed caring for our son and my 78 year old very sick drench mother

I would probably do a Google search for divorce attorneys in your local area and then start making some calls. You’ll want to find an attorney who not only has experience but also one with whom you trust and understand.

You can also contact your local county bar association for a referral and use resources such as Yelp and Avvo. If you have any friends, family, or acquaintances who have been through a divorce, they may have good local referrals for you to contact.

That’s how I started looking in January, 2019. I ended up with a public defender and a family law attorney by the end of summer.
In February I contacted the local District Attorney by email because I couldn’t get an attorney to represent me for a divorce. The only response I received was one. “We’re sorry our office doesn’t handle domestic violence cases”
I told them I was scared, I needed help. In March my adult child, educated, employed, living at home, college graduate, physically assaulted me for the second time in less than 6 months.
I’ve never laid hands on her, ever. My husband defended her actions and rationalized her behavior. Other things had also transpired and I was done. I told him I wanted a divorce.
She told people I was planning on murdering my family. A reliable, educated, impartial family friend came to us and told me. I disused it with my husband and the person who told me.
He genuinely seemed concerned at first. Said he would talk to her. That’s always his solution.
I suggested counseling.( I’m an avid fan, his actions and words never seem to match up) He got uncomfortable but, agreed and said he would go with her because she would feel more comfortable. I wasn’t accepting that. She never went to counseling.
I’m June I was arrested for domestic assault with a deadly weapon. Restraining orders and kicked out of my home of 21 years.
His response to my filing to alimony was that I was being tried for attempted murder.
Not true.I made my own deal. Charges are being dropped, I believe I was set up. So does my public defender and my divorce attorney.
Nobody’s interested in listening to me. I’ve been showing them the evidence, telling the truth, from the time I contacted the District Attorney asking for help.
My 30 year old veteran son committed suicide November 12, he was bullied by his father and siblings the way they bullied me. He was bipolar. I’d been protecting him from them, he was getting worse. Now, I have no children. The attorneys want to drag things out because my husband will spend every penny before he sees me get a dime. I tolerated being abused for over 20 years because no one would have believed me. He’s that good at putting on a show.
I made a deal to not drag on a trial. I’m a Criminal Justice and Police Science Major with Honors. He’s a covert narcissistic and was hiding $300,000,000 from me.