I’m getting my paperwork together here in Riverside county California and we have a new lease after only a little over 2 months married I have moved out she wants to keep the place I have no interest in it. I’m not sure she will agree to a “hold harmless” clause and she has indicated that she wants me to pay half the rent until the lease is up even though the company stated they will let us out of the lease with a penalty if they find another renter. What are my options?

I’m afraid your options are extremely limited in this situation. The best thing you can do is find another tenant and go to court to obtain an order requiring her to either move out or renegotiate the lease into her own name.

Do you think a judge would force me to pay for half of the rent if she said she wanted to stay there. It is a two bedroom she could get a roommate but if she refuses will a judge make me pay?

No, but a judge could order you to pay spousal support depending on the circumstances and cannot guarantee the protection of your credit.

This was just a 2 month marriage, I’m retired but have a part time job where hours vary. She cleans homes as she did previous to the marriage she does not want support and I don’t think for 2 months she should get it, she could afford the place but it would be tight some months so Our main area of contention is this lease I want out of.