Judgement rejected

Hi Cristin,

My judgment package has been rejected because i didn’t list the community property (furnitures, tables and etc) that I listed on FL 100 but not in FL 180. How do I fill that out in the FL 180 form? Do I list them all the same under question m, other section?


I would use and attach FL-345 to the FL-180.

Thanks Cristin. Just to be sure, I’ll be filling out the part 1 C. and list all the properties that i listed in the petition but leave the other parts blank because my husband is no longer in the country and left all the stuffs with me. It wouldn’t be an issue with the court right? And I’ve change that i’ve attached 2 pages in FL 180 and do i have to check where it said “Signature follows last attachment”?

Sorry it’s a lot of questions but i want to make sure I didn’t get rejected again.

Thanks alot!

I’m sorry, but I don’t have enough information about your case or situation to give you any specific guidance.

Our judgement got denied, the memo correspondence from Contra Costa County stated Judgement on Page 2 is left blank. referring to questions 4 i-o.

Question 4, i-k is about children names custody and child support which does not apply so i left blank.

Now 4.l is about spousal support, 4.m Property division, and 4.n attorney fees. I left all of these blank because we have no minor children, I am not asking for spousal support and i have no attorney’s fee’s. I am assuming the court was referring to 4.m and 4.n that I left blank.

If I AM NOT asking for spousal or partner support would i check Box 4 -i- 2? (seems most appropriate but unsure) Jurisdiction terminated to order spousal or partner support as it relates to :ballot_box_with_check: petitioner?

OR do i check other Box 5 which is other? and specify “petitioner is not requesting spousal support”
And would I do the same for property division if there is no property to divide?
Check box m-3 (other) and specify there is no property to divide?
also the same for attorney fees question 4-n would i put box 3 other; and specify fee waived and not requesting attorney’s fees?

I do see there is a 4-o which states other, should i just mark this box and specify all the above? Please and thank you for any guidance and support you offer. I tried to be clear as i could, apologies if I was unclear. Thanks again.

So, it looks like we’re done with the divorce, in no small measure due to your excellent videos and personalized responses.

We received the FL-190 that has been endorsed by the clerk, date stamped, with the “Effective date of termination” box dated.

Do I need to use the FL-335 at this point, or our we done?

First off, congratulations for finishing up your divorce!

You should be receiving your filed FL-180, which is typically sent separately from the FL-190. Your FL-180 is your official divorce Judgment, whereas FL-190 is a notice that your FL-180 was entered and filed.

Since each spouse receives their own copy of FL-190, there is no need to serve it on the other. If you receive BOTH copies of FL-180, you’ll want to serve one on your ex spouse with FL-335 to make a truly complete file. If the clerk mailed each of you a copy of FL-180, then no further work is needed.

Congratulations again!!