How long after legal separation can I buy a house

California CC county how long does it take for a legal separation to be completed?
After legal separation can I buy a house?

There is no legal waiting period to obtain a Judgment for legal separation; however, the paperwork can take some time to be processed through the court system (anywhere from 2 -4 months, assuming no errors with the paperwork you submit). If you are really in a hurry, you can secure the services of a private judge to speed up the filing of the Judgment.

You are free to buy a house at any time after separation IF you have your spouse’s cooperation to sign off on the title of the home.

Is there any paper work to filed that would allow me to buy a home after the legal separation gets approved that would not required her to sign?
and also we are answering a on question 9 and also question 10 the answer is a? Those this make a difference?

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