Holidays & Percentage Time Calculation

My wife and I are divorcing and looking to calculate our “percentage” time with the children. We have a schedule agreed upon that includes every other weekend and 1 night each week. Essentially, each year we are splitting the holidays and rotating those every year.We are also alternating holidays every other year. My question is whether or not the holidays are calculated into the percentage of time? If not, why? We live in California.

Yes, holidays are absolutely calculated into the percentage of time (timeshare); however, trying to do so perfectly tends to be a difficult and very arduous task if there are a lot of holidays that are divided. It’s often simpler to agree on an added amount of time. For example, if you get every other Spring Break and Thanksgiving Break, plus half of Winter Break, I might propose to “round” the holiday visitation by adding in an additional 10 days of visitation (which excludes weekends you would ordinarily have) throughout the entire year’s average timeshare, rather than going through and counting exact days.