Freeze the sale


I purchased a house before I was married. I lost my job had to put the house for sale. My husband help with the calling the realtor and new I could not keep up with the payments. My husband served me papers after I had put the house on the market. The house sold and I have to be out in 5days, however my husband is now telling me I can’t sale the house that he is going to have the court freeze the sale of the house. Can he do that? I know he will get something from the sale of the house. I can’t afford to live at the house anymore, he doesn’t help me financially.



It’s difficult to predict what a judge might order, as we don’t know what your husband will tell the judge. He cannot stop the sale unless he files for and obtains an emergency court order. If the house is in escrow and was listed for sale after you were served, while it’s possible a judge might order the sale to be frozen, it’s unlikely. It is more likely that if your husband obtains an order related to the sale of the house, that it will be to freeze a portion (or all) of the sale proceeds.