FL-150 tax returns / bank statements


in your videos and forum it says to file FL-150 with court. The LA County FL-150 I downloaded states NOT to file it with court. Which one is true? Am I filing the preliminary one with court or only the final one?

I also read that the respondent does not have to provide preliminary disclosure in case of default judgment (no response). Is this true?

Lastly: can I black-out my statements so it only shows the balance and important information such as account number (personal account, not shared)? And I’m filing current ones, right? Or from date of separation (3 yrs ago)?
Which parts of the tax return do I have to serve? All pages or just the first page?

Do I need to attach proof of separate property as well? (in my case my old, non-operative car that is worth nothing - do I have to attach pink slip?)

Thank you so much for your support!!

Do you also offer support for closing divorce forms?

Hi all.I’m new. How the forum is works? Thanks Fred