Established Child support and custody before submitting Divorce Petition

DO we still file Child custody and Child Support if it was already established before divorce petition was filed or We can just write the case #?

It sounds like you may have established orders through a Department of Child Support Services case. If that is correct, you would file a separate divorce action.

Child Support and Custody was given fr a DV case before. I just filed last July my Divorce so hence my question . Atty. I do not need to include forms for Child support and visitations along w my other docs for divorce petition right?..

Custody and support should be addressed in your judgment, but you can request that the orders issued in your DV case be maintained.

How do I request that?—> Can I jst attach a letter of request pertaining to it when i submit my judgement?.

You include it in your judgment itself.

Cristin, I am submitting my Default judgement for divorce. SInce I file FL-105 with the Court when spouse was served with the Dissolution initial documents . DO I still need to fill out another FL-105 or I can just submit the photocopy of that?.

You will need to file FL-170 and answer the questions related to custody on page 2. Basically, IF the residency information has changed since the filing of the divorce, you will need to update and submit a new FL-105. If the residency information has not changed, you do not need a new one.