Does the court give you notifications?

Hi Cristin, I’ve watched your youtube videos and I think I missed the part where you had to serve your spouse with the response (FL120) as well. Anyways, I had though I filed all paperwork, but I did not hear back from the court for 3 weeks and I called their self help line and they told me I forgot to file the FL105 in my response so I will have to do that.

My question is, after I file the 105 and serve my spouse with the paperwork, does the court send you anything saying “Ok, go ahead and file the FL 150, 142, and 160”? Or do I just file those as soon as possible?

My spouse and I are just filing for a separation right now until we decide whether or not we want to go through with a divorce and we want this process to go as smoothly and quickly as possible.