Default with an agreement

Hi cristin, I would appreciate your help with these questions. So, I filed for divorce and my wife did not respond with her FL 120 within 30 days, nor will she going forward. I also already filed FL 115 with the court. We were married for five years and we don’t have any kids. We also agreed that we don’t need anything from each other, except that I will be giving her one of my car, and she agreed to make the monthly car payment until it’s paid off, and then I will put it in her name. This is going to be the primary topic in the agreement that we plan to wrote up.

  1. Is form FL 150, FL 140, FL 160, and FL 141 will be the forms that I needed to serve my spouse and filed with the court my next step to get done?

  2. After serving and filing those forms above with my spouse and the court, what will be all the other forms that I need to file with the court to get this divorce over with the easiest way?

  3. Does my spouse need to file FL 150 and FL 141 or any other forms with the court even though she did not participate from the beginning?