Calculate temporary spousal support

I need help to come up with a fair dollar number for temporary spousal support to ask my husband. He moved out in Feb. and has filed for legal separation. It is a long term marriage,25 years, with no young children.

Please suggest a dollar amount for temporary spousal support payments with the following facts.
Husband’s income: $435,000/year
Wife’s income varies from $12000 to 65,000/year (contract worker). My income has always been $1000/month for the last 8 years until early 2017. Apr 2017, I was hired as a contract worker in a Hollywood production to help with the actor’s language needs. This one-time high-paying gig will end, end of this year and I will go back to my $1000/month tutoring students.

I truly appreciate your help in suggesting a temporary spousal support number.
Thank you,

Do I use Tax Filing Status as Single for this calculation? As we both will be filing as single for 2019 or joint as tax for 2018 were paid jointly.

thank you so much!

You use the most current tax filing status. What you might have done previously does not matter.

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My ex-wife lost her job due to misconduct (drinking on the job). How will this affect spousal and child support? Is she now considered without an income or does the fact that she lost her job due to her own misconduct guarantees a baseline income when calculating support?
Also is she required to find a new job as soon as possible or can she stay unemployed and force me to pay more support?

You will need to argue that her own actions caused the loss of her job, and therefore, support should be calculated based on her prior earnings (before she was fired).

That said, it seems to me that if your wife has a drinking issue, YOU should have at least primary custody of your child/children. If that is the case, then child support isn’t nearly as pressing of an issue.