Bringing another person into mediation

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My spouse and I are planning a mediation session with an attorney. I would like for our adult son to be a part of the session. Could this be detrimental to my case in ay way? As an example, if we end up going to court and I ask my son to testify that I had moved out of the house by xx/xx/xxxx, could he still do so?

Does being a part of the mediation process bar him from sharing or stating any information later if need be.

Many thanks for your support

I definitely would not advise any adult child to be part of a divorce case, especially mediation. All their participation does is to increase tension and make the other parent feel as though sides are being chosen by that child. While I recognize your son is an adult, no child wants to be in the middle of their parents’ divorce, regardless of age.

I’m not sure of the legal relevance as to the date you moved out of the house, but if that’s the sole issue, your son could testify to that and ONLY that within 30 seconds at a trial. That issue has nothing to do with mediation.

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