Bonus Support Payments

From someone who had difficulty directly posting to the forum:

The spousal support order calls for a fixed monthly amount ($500) + 39% of any monthly earnings over $15,000. I retired Dec 31 2019 and was paid a bonus based on 2019 performance in March 2020. Because I had no other income in March 2020 I calculated the support for the month as follows:

(Bonus amount - 15,000)*39% + $500 fixed monthly support

My ex claim I should not subtract the 15,000 from the bonus claiming it was earned in 2019. She thinks the calculation should be:

(Bonus amount * 39%) + $500 fixed monthly support

Based on the information provided which calculation should be applied?

I would definitely need to see the exact language of the support order to be 100% confident in my answer, but based on what has been provided, you would owe 39% of any income received above $15,000 for the month of March 2020, plus the regular monthly payment. Assuming you had no income for March 2020 (and remember, retroactive Social Security or retirement benefits DO count towards March’s income), your calculation would be correct.