My husband and I agree on how we would like to split the assets and the debts. What would be the best step going forward. It is my impression that the petitioner needs to fill out FL-100, FL-110, FL-105. Do we submit our agreement with the initial filing or do we do it during disclosure when we fill FL-115, FL-117, FL-150, FL-142, FL-140, and FL 141. In an effort to make this easy on everyone and to make sure that it gets done without multiple trips to the courthouse or without incurring additional costs I have told him I will assist him with the paperwork. I was curious if the marital agreement can be a few statements that are notarized as long as we have disclosed our assets to each other. We are trying to keep the cost down to the one filing fee if possible and the notary. Thank you in advance for your time in this matter.