After serving the paperworks

What forms do i need to file with the court after i served the papers (disclosures)?
Are they FL 115, 117, 141 and 150 only? And do i wait 30 days from the date of service (when the forms were mailed) or date of when my husband signed the FL-117? Thank you

Assuming your husband was served via FL-117, yes, the documents you listed will all need to be filed with the court once you’ve completed and served all of your financial disclosures. There is no minimum waiting period - your timing depends on when service occurs.

Thank you for your prompt response… For the 30 days waiting part, i meant to ask about when to submit the final paperwork if he choose not to respond. Do i count from the date when the paperwork are mailed or the date he signed the FL-117? Sorry about the confusion. Thanks again

If I understand you correctly, you are asking about preparing and submitting a divorce judgment. A judgment is entirely different than financial disclosures or any of the other documents you referenced. Service of the initial divorce papers begins from the date your spouse is personally served or the date he accepts service by signing an dating the FL-117.

I understand now. Thanks for clarification.