Legal Name Change


I have a question about changing your name back to your maiden name in the divorce petition. Is your maiden name your new legal name the day the divorce is granted? Or do you still have to go to the social security office and change it back to the maiden name in order for it to be you legal name? I guess I don’t see the point of even having that option to check a box in the divorce paperwork to change your name back if you still have to physically go, present the divorce documents, in order to legally change it back anyways. Thanks!



The divorce judgment that restores your maiden name is the vehicle by which you can legally change your name. Think back to when you got married. The marriage license changed your name, but you had to go to the Social Security office, DMV, etc. to change it. The point of the name change with the license is that it enabled you to be able to do so.

Hope this makes more sense now!



Can you only change your name back as of the actual divorce date on the judgment or can you change it when you receive the approved judgment even though the actual divorce date will be in the future?



You can change your name back when you receive a filed copy of your Judgment. You will likely need what is known as a “certified copy” of the Judgment.