How to proceed in Default case with Agreement

Thank you Cristin, In regards to #1) If I file the forms and Contra Costa County requires additional forms can I submit them later? Will they notify me if they need something additional? Or, would they just schedule a court date to resolve what’s missing? I would file FL 144 except since my spouse hasn’t completed any disclosures I don’t think it’s applicable, right?
Thanks again, I appreciate your assistance.

If the Judgment is rejected, you will receive a notice, along with a list of items to correct.

A default with agreement does NOT require FL-144.

Hi Cristin, Thank you for your reply. That is helpful information. I got my husband to sign a FL 130, but I haven’t filed it yet. Do you think that will be helpful? He tells me he doesn’t want to go to court.

This checklist should help you out:

Hi Cristin, That checklist was very helpful. I didn’t file the FL 130 because it apparently was unnecessary and would have cost another $435.00 fee. Hopefully I have fulfilled all the requirements and the judgement will be accepted as filed. Thank you very much for all your help.

Hello, we have an unusual circumstance. Forms filed are the petition, summons and proof of service. It has been more than 30 days and the Respondent has not responded, we are planning to go forward with the default with no writtend agreement. Petitioner has not filed a FL 150 and FL 141 If the petitioner has been in prison for the last 18 years do they still have to file these forms? (expense and income and declaration of service?
Thank you for your guidance.

Yes, the forms must still be filed.

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I recently filed a default as well as all the forms that go with it. FL170, FL 180-FL190. I got a letter from the court stating "you may need to amend your petition due to omitting statistical facts (when married and when seperated). Does this mean i will have to refile a brand new petition which includes the missing information and reserve my estrange husband? as well as re file the request to enter default? I also heard I may have to ask the court for permission. Can you offer any guidance or answers. Any is appreciated. Thank you.

Yes, you’ll need to file what is known as an “Amended Petition” and “Summons.” Assuming you have not yet amended your pleadings, you do NOT need the Court’s permission for the first amendment. Subsequent amendments will require the Court’s permission. You will then need to serve him again and wait an additional 30 days before taking his default again. You should strongly consider having someone look over your amended pleadings before filing them again, to make sure you have them complete and correct.

Hi Cristin,

quick question. I am about to file for default with agreement. I have the 4 forms (FL-165, 170, 180 and 190) filled out. Will I need the signed and notarized MSA when filing those documents, or can I file them and submit the MSA some other day?

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Hi Chriss,

You will want to attach your MSA to FL180 - that is what makes it a “complete” divorce judgment, and on page 2, you’ll check the applicable boxes for “settlement agreement, stipulation for judgment, etc.” While technically you can file them separately, it doesn’t make sense to do so.

Thanks so much for the prompt response and additional information. Another question regarding pg 1 #3. I checked a) and added the date when my spouse signed the acknowledgement of receipt (I had the all the papers sent via USPS). That should be correct, right?

second question, pg. 2 letter I.
Do I check number (2) and (4), or just number (4)? My spouse and I have agreed that no-one is going to pay spousal support.

Thanks again!

  1. Yes, the date your spouse signed the Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt is the date of service.

  2. I customarily do both. But that’s also because I address the termination in my attachment (MSA or stipulated Judgment). If it’s not part of your MSA, you would only check #2.

Now I have another quick question. Since we do have the MSA, will I still have to go through all the default with agreement steps (FL165,170,180,190…), or can we just submit the MSA and receive the final judgement based on that?

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The MSA is NOT a divorce judgment. You will need to go through all of the proper steps to obtain a final judgment.

Hi Cristin,

My spouse and I were also in an agreement and had drafted an MSA (a few weeks after I had filed for divorce and she acknowledged the receipt of the paperwork). Meanwhile we sold our house, sold the vacation home and split the money from the sales evenly. We pretty much got rid of everything or divided it appropriately. We both live in separate rentals now. Both of us have our own individual accounts where the paychecks drop in.
Besides two cars (bank owned) we don’t own anything together anymore. Credit Cards and loans have been paid off as well. However, now my spouse decided not to sign the MSA anymore.
I will have to proceed with a default without agreement.

My questions are in regards to the FL160. We obviously did have a lot of items listed prior to filing and her acknowledging that I want a divorce. Now, at the time of filing for default, we don’t own or owe anything together anymore. Also, I don’t have access to her bank accounts or credit cards, so I can’t say anything about her savings and debts.
Do I leave those areas all blank, or do I just put in my very own data and the court will get my spouse’s financial information directly from her to make a final judgement?

Thank you so much for your help!

Hi Hans,

If I understand correctly, you filed for divorce, reached a verbal agreement with your spouse, and then you divided assets in accordance with your agreement, but you did not sign a written agreement or do your financial disclosures.

If that is the case, you can certainly try for a default judgment, but you have to remember that there is no agreement. That means that you have to look at things as of date of separation and prepare your paperwork accordingly. You may not presently own anything together, but as of date of separation, you certainly did. Your FL-160 should reflect what existed as of separation, as well as what you did with the division of the assets, as I assume that is also your proposal for division and what you want the court to order.


Thanks so much for the prompt response. This information is very helpful!

Good Morning Cristin,

Quick question to the form FL-342. Entering the base amount of child support in number 6, does this already include the mandatory costs in 6b?
For instance, according to the guideline formula, I’d have to pay my spouse less than 50% of the actual costs (day care plus health insurance). However, I’d like to pay 50% of that those costs. The rest will be shared 50/50 whenever costs come up (uninsured heath care costs, education, sports etc).

Let’s say I put $800 in line 6a (again, this amount covers 50% of the monthly recurring costs and will be the final amount)
In line 6b I’d put 50% Petitioner and 50% Respondent, but leave the amount blank or do I put the the dollar amounts for the daycare expenses in (equally split) and subtract this amount from the $800 in line 6a?
6c and 6d will also be 50% for both, but no amounts since those are unpredictable but once costs occur, they’ll be shared 50/50.

Thanks so much for your input.

Good morning,

Regarding form FL-342, 6a (base child support) does NOT include the mandatory costs. That amount represents the total monthly base child support you pay. For add-ons, you would simply check 6b, 6c, and 6d for the 50% boxes, since those amounts are not predictable.